No true celebration of beer and brewing would be complete without the inclusion of home brewers. These are the people who, in their kitchens, garages and garden sheds, sometimes equipped with little more than saucepans, buckets, and a lot of know-how, experiment, play and quietly push the limits of creativity further than many commercial breweries could tolerate. And during Brighton & Hove Beer Week these brewing heroes will take centre stage in a competition and festival you will not want to miss.


Homebrew Brighton is the city’s brew club. Members meet up regularly to brew together, taste each others’ brews, and learn how to improve their homebrewing. As part of Brighton & Hove Beer Week, Homebrew Brighton is staging a competition and festival that celebrates the local – found, foraged or grown ingredients that represent a link to the ground beneath our feet. All styles of beer – and entries from right across the world – are welcome, just as long as they include at least one ingredient local to the brewer.

Entries can be placed in one of 4 categories:

  • Locally Produced – a beer with local, small scale ingredients added. Think farmer’s market, or go direct to a farmer near you.
  • Locally Grown – a beer with ingredients that you’ve grown yourself added to the mix.
  • Locally Foraged – a beer with locally foraged ingredients. Please don’t take any risks with plant identification, we don’t want any poisoned judges!
  • Local Yeast – a beer fermented with yeast you’ve captured from the local environment.

If you’re interested in entering the Brew Brighton Brew Local competition, you can register and find all the details here.

And, if you’re interesting in attending the festival and prizegiving on Saturday 25th August – which will include tastings and talks from local brewers – watch this space for more details.

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