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Tamplins was once the biggest brewery in Brighton. Based at the Phoenix Brewery behind Richmond Terrace, it owned and supplied hundreds of pubs in the local area. The brewery was acquired by Watneys in the mid-1950s, and all brewing ceased on the Phoenix site in 1973. But you can find remnants of it in pubs right across the city, nowhere more so than outside the Jolly Brewer Beer House, where a large blue and gold mosaic keeps the Tamplins name writ large.

The Jolly Brewer Beer House is an unusual building, complete with a tower and a dome. Like many things in Brighton & Hove, it’s up a hill (but, thank goodness things are or we would all slip into the sea). Recently under new management, this place is putting beer back where it should be – front and centre – in particular, championing local, independent brews. Get yourself up there and check it out!

Jolly Brewer Beer House, 176, Ditchling Road, Brighton, BN1 6JA
01273 500295
Facebook – The Jolly Brewer Beer House
Twitter – @jollybrewerbeer
Instagram – @jollybrewerpub

Whilst you’re there, why not try Quaff or The World’s End?

Brighton & Hove Beer Week Events: Mariachi Thursday with Holler! & Stars in Their Abyss

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