Brighton & Hove Beer Week Venues


Nearly thirty of the very best pubs, bars, bottle shops and restaurants are taking part in Brighton & Hove Beer Week. These are the places where you’ll find the very cream of what Brighton & Hove has to offer in terms of contemporary beer drinking. Each venue is coordinating exciting events to showcase the city’s vibrant beer and brewing culture (and these will be announced very soon!).

The venues are spread right across Brighton and Hove – some a short stumble from the two main stations, others a little further afield. Check out the Map of Venues to plan your route. You’ve got ten days – so why not visit them all?

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The Basketmakers Arms


The Bevy

Bison Beer Craft House

The Black Dove

BrewDog Brighton

Brighton Beer Dispensary

Brighton Bierhaus

The Brunswick

Craft Beer Co.

Curry Leaf Café

Evening Star

The Greys

The Hand in Hand

Idle Hands

The Independent

Jolly Brewer Beer House

The Lord Nelson

Loud Shirt Brewing

North Laine Brewhouse

The Pond

Prince Albert


The Watchmaker’s Arms

The Westbourne

The World’s End

The Basketmakers Arms

DSC_0900 (2)

The Basketmaker’s Arms is full of stories. They’re scrawled across ripped up beer mats or scratched onto scraps of dusty paper, and then stuffed tight into the vintage tins that cover nearly every square inch of the walls. Prise a tin open, and you can take one out to read. Trysts between lovers, beer-drenched philosophy, or the doodles of a loner, they’re all preserved on the walls of this Brighton institution. If the mood takes you, you can rip up a Rizla packet and add your own for a stranger to discover sometime in the future whilst they enjoy a not-yet-poured pint.

When you arrive at this traditional pub on pretty much any evening it initially seems as if all the tables are taken. But this is the magic that separates The Basketmaker’s faithful from those who’ll never be a part of the story. Buy a beer, wait at the bar, and within a few short minutes, the scene will probably shift, seats will become apparent, and you’ll find a place to sit and enjoy the busy view.

The Basketmaker’s Arms is a Fuller’s pub, and most of the beer on offer comes directly from the Griffin Brewery in Chiswick. If you hanker for a pint of the freshest London Pride, this is your place. For Brighton & Hove Beer Week, however, they’ll be doing something a little bit different, so get yourself along there, buy a beer, and start a story of your own.

The Basketmakers Arms, 12, Gloucester Road, Brighton, BN1 4AD
01273 689006
Facebook – The Basketmakers Arms
Twitter – @thebasketmakers
Instagram – @thebasketmakers

Whilst you’re there, why not visit North Laine Brewhouse or The Pond?

Brighton & Hove Beer Week Events: Going Local at The Basketmakers Arms



befriesWith award winning double-fried Belgian fries, more than 20 sauces, a range of local and Belgian beers, why would BeFries not be on your list of places to refuel during Brighton & Hove Beer Week? They even have their very own beer, BeBeer – which was developed alongside Kiln Brewery – that you can only get your hands on in-store. And they officially provide the very best welcome in town!

BeFries, 46 West Street, Brighton, BN1 2RA
Facebook – BeFries
Twitter – @befriesofficial
Instagram – @befries.official

Whilst you’re there, why not visit Craft Beer Co. or The Pond?

Brighton & Hove Beer Week Events: Belgian Beer & Fries and Craft Beer & Fries

The Bevy

DSC_0001 (2)

When a community comes together to do good, sometimes really great things happen. The Bevy (The Bevendean Community Pub) is Brighton’s only cooperative pub, and the very first community-owned pub on a housing estate in the United Kingdom. This award-winning community resource is the result of years of commitment and hard work from a number of local people, and is beautifully captured in this short film.

As their tag-line says, The Bevy is so much ‘More than a Pub’. Amongst other things, it’s a resource for families and older people, an inspiration for all, and a place to get a great pint. Last year, The Bevy even partnered with local brewery, Holler, to brew an extra special beer – The Beast of Bevendean – a red rye IPA, which celebrated the eponymous creature rumoured to roam these parts.

In August 2017, Warren Carter, Chair of The Bevy Committee, spoke to the Fermentation Beer & Brewing Show on Radio Reverb about the history of The Bevy and what kind of welcome people can expect to find when they visit. Here’s some a clip:


The Bevy, 50, Hillside, Brighton, BN2 4TF
01273 281009
Facebook – The Bevendean Cooperative Pub
Twitter – @thebevy
Instagram – @the.bevy

Whilst you’re there, why not visit Quaff or The Greys?

Brighton & Hove Beer Week Events: Check out The Bevy’s Facebook page for all the beery happenings.

Bison Beer Crafthouse

DSC_0959 (2)

Bison? Roaming the streets of Brighton & Hove? We would never have believed it either until, a little over three years ago, Jack Cregan and Nick Vardy brought their special brand of bottle shop to the city. Now spread over three locations: the original bottle shop in Brighton’s East Street, a Bar & Bottle Shop in central Hove, and a recently-opened venue in the heart of the North Laine, Brighton’s beer community is becoming very familiar with Brad Bison and his herd.

The Brighton Bottleshop was the first shop to bring draught ‘growlers’ to the city. These amber-coloured, American-style, glass bottles hold nearly two litres and, with the state-of-the-art counterflow pressure system, you can buy a beer on draught in the knowledge that, unopened, it will stay fresh for weeks. But who’s going to keep gorgeous beer like this unopened for weeks…?

The North Laine Bar, Kitchen & Hideout opened in July 2018. Spread over three floors with food provided by Humble Plates, this is definitely the place to be seen this summer.

And at the Hove Bar and Bottle Shop you can enjoy cheese and charcuterie with your beer whilst sitting on the terrace or tucked inside next to the smart, well-stocked fridges. Alternatively, you can grab a few cans and head down to the beach (making sure you leave not a trace of rubbish in your wake, of course…). You’ll find one of the best beer ranges in the city here – including quality brews from local, domestic and international breweries. The staff are knowledgeable, welcoming and enthusiastic. And they’re not all roaming across plains with big hairy heads, tiny horns and cloven feet. Honest.

Bison Beer Craft House – Bottleshop, 7 East Street, Brighton, BN1 1HP
01273 809027

Bison Beer Craft House – North Laine Bar / Kitchen / Hideout, 103 North Road, Brighton, BN1 1YW
01273 695358

Bison  Beer Craft House – Bar & Bottle Shop, 57, Church Road, Hove, BN3 2BD
01273 774266
Facebook – Bison Beer
Twitter – @bisonbeer

Whilst you’re there, why not visit The Brunswick or The Watchmaker’s Arms?

Brighton & Hove Beer Week Events: Wild Things at Bison Beer, Beach Beers at Bison, Bison, Blues & Burgers, and Burning Sky Tap Takeover


The Black Dove

o (4)

Sometimes you can spend an evening in a bar, and that perfect combination of atmosphere, company, music and refreshment leaves you thinking that perhaps you’ve slipped inside a neat pocket in the velvet of time, and that you’ll never find your way back home again. The Black Dove, on a busy Kemptown crossroads, is the kind of place where evenings like that can easily happen. The rattle of the bartender’s cocktail shaker, the chatter of the crowded room, and the crackle of needle on vinyl, transport you to a modern day speakeasy that can put the rest of the world on hold.

The Black Dove is famous for its eclectic DJs and its wonderful cocktails. And with a quote from Garrett Oliver on their website, and a choice of some fine ales both on tap and in bottles, you can guarantee they know a thing or two about beer too.

The Black Dove, 74, St James’s St, Brighton, BN2 1PA
01273 671119
Facebook – The Black Dove

Whilst you’re there, why not visit The Hand in Hand or The Independent?

Brighton & Hove Beer Week Events: Wild Beer Co. Tap Takeover & Beer Launch – Franklins Redcurrant Sour

BrewDog Brighton

DSC_0907 (2)

Like a rich spread of Marmite across the hot buttered toast of the city’s beer scene, BrewDog Brighton opened its doors in August 2015. Love it or hate it, BrewDog has shaped the face of craft beer in ways we thought unimaginable only a decade ago, and the Brighton outpost appears to be influenced as much by the spirit of the city as it is by the head office up in Ellon. Yes, it has the urgent industrial feel of BrewDogs across the world, but it neither brashly dominates nor quietly acquiesces, and maintains an independent spirit and a diverse outlook, supporting the city’s beer scene and regularly showcasing the very best of local brewing.

In common with all BrewDog bars, the staff are amongst the most knowledgeable you’ll find and can guide you through the 30-tap menu with ease. And if you sit in a booth, you can even press a button for table service. What a time to be alive!

BrewDog Brighton, 52-54, Grand Parade, Brighton, BN2 9QA
Facebook – BrewDog Brighton
Twitter – @brewdogbrighton
Instagram – @brewdogbrighton

Whilst you’re there, why not visit Brighton Bierhaus or The Greys?

Brighton & Hove Beer Week Events: Beer Cocktails with Franklins Brewing Co.