The Basketmakers Arms

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The Basketmaker’s Arms is full of stories. They’re scrawled across ripped up beer mats or scratched onto scraps of dusty paper, and then stuffed tight into the vintage tins that cover nearly every square inch of the walls. Prise a tin open, and you can take one out to read. Trysts between lovers, beer-drenched philosophy, or the doodles of a loner, they’re all preserved on the walls of this Brighton institution. If the mood takes you, you can rip up a Rizla packet and add your own for a stranger to discover sometime in the future whilst they enjoy a not-yet-poured pint.

When you arrive at this traditional pub on pretty much any evening it initially seems as if all the tables are taken. But this is the magic that separates The Basketmaker’s faithful from those who’ll never be a part of the story. Buy a beer, wait at the bar, and within a few short minutes, the scene will probably shift, seats will become apparent, and you’ll find a place to sit and enjoy the busy view.

The Basketmaker’s Arms is a Fuller’s pub, and most of the beer on offer comes directly from the Griffin Brewery in Chiswick. If you hanker for a pint of the freshest London Pride, this is your place. For Brighton & Hove Beer Week, however, they’ll be doing something a little bit different, so get yourself along there, buy a beer, and start a story of your own.

The Basketmakers Arms, 12, Gloucester Road, Brighton, BN1 4AD
01273 689006
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Twitter – @thebasketmakers
Instagram – @thebasketmakers

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Brighton & Hove Beer Week Events: Going Local at The Basketmakers Arms