The Black Dove

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Sometimes you can spend an evening in a bar, and that perfect combination of atmosphere, company, music and refreshment leaves you thinking that perhaps you’ve slipped inside a neat pocket in the velvet of time, and that you’ll never find your way back home again. The Black Dove, on a busy Kemptown crossroads, is the kind of place where evenings like that can easily happen. The rattle of the bartender’s cocktail shaker, the chatter of the crowded room, and the crackle of needle on vinyl, transport you to a modern day speakeasy that can put the rest of the world on hold.

The Black Dove is famous for its eclectic DJs and its wonderful cocktails. And with a quote from Garrett Oliver on their website, and a choice of some fine ales both on tap and in bottles, you can guarantee they know a thing or two about beer too.

The Black Dove, 74, St James’s St, Brighton, BN2 1PA
01273 671119
Facebook – The Black Dove

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